E-Hoops Season Info – South Bay (Sunnyvale), SF/North Bay (Univ of San Francisco), East Bay (St Mary’s College), and Central Valley (Riverbank)!


South Bay E-Hoops is canceled on June 17th. See you back on July 1st at Ponderosa Park!

South Bay E-Hoops (Sunnyvale, CA): Ponderosa Park (811 Henderson Ave, Sunnyvale, CA)

                  • SUMMER SEASON 2017: Sat, June 10th – Aug 12th; 10:30 am – 11:30 am (NO hoops on June 17th and 24th)
                  • Now accepting new participants for summer season. Registration closes June 24th, no exceptions.

SF/North Bay E-Hoops (San Francisco, CA):  USF War Memorial Gymnasium (SEASON INFO: See Facebook page below for details!)

                  • Please apply online specifically for the SF program by going to the following official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/eHoopsSF
                  • Email address for SF E-Hoops inquiries: EHoopsSF@gmail.com

Central Valley E-Hoops (Riverbank, CA): Cardozo Gymnasium (3625 Santa Fe St., Riverbank, CA)

              • SUMMER/FALL SEASON 2017: TBA

St. Mary’s College E-Hoops (Moraga, CA): McKeon Pavilion Gym (1928 St Marys Rd, Moraga)

              • SUMMER SEASON: Sundays, April 23rd – May 14th at 2 pm